The governance of NAP 1325-IV is in hands of an oversight board. The oversight board includes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform (the two NAP 1325-IV coordinators), the Ministries of Defence, Justice & Security, and Education, Culture & Science. Two annual rotating civil society organisations are also represented in the oversight board. These are selected by the civil society signatories of the NAP1325. In 2021/2022 Oxfam Novib and Platform Vrouwen voor Duurzame Vrede are selected oversight board members.

The oversight board has three functions with respect to NAP 1325-IV:
(1) It improves NAP 1325-IV’s governance, annual reporting and learning agenda.
(2) It ensures governmental support and timely political involvement.
(3) It strives for greater public support for the WPS agenda and for knowledge-sharing.

The oversight board meets every two months. All Signatories can bring in topics for the oversight board's agenda. Summaries (in Dutch) of the oversight board's meetings will be published here: