Network Lunch Session on 8 March at the Ministry of Defence

Almost daily it becomes apparent how important it is to be persistently committed to the WPS agenda. Think of the places in the world where conflict and violence prevail or threaten. Where there is drought or natural disaster. Where people are displaced or fleeing in great uncertainty. Women are disproportionately affected in most of these events and at the same time they are the key to better and more sustainable solutions. As a NAP 1325 community, we are committed to these solutions.   

On March 8th the Ministry of Defence cordially invites the NAP 1325 community to meet each other, experience solidarity and enjoy lunch together. The Praagzaal at the Majoor Linzel Complex in The Hague is open for entry from 10.30hrs CET. An interactive program starts at 11.00hrs CET with several speakers and Q&As. Lunch is served at 12.30hrs CET. 

Due to the corona measures a limited number of 60 participants can attend. Please register by filling in this form and send it to Ewoud Jonker. Deadline for registration is 23rd of February.