Bi-Annual NAP 1325 Signatory Event

Bi-Annual NAP 1325 Signatory Event 

Date 24th of November 2022
Time 13.30-17.00hrs CET 

We cordially invite you all to The Netherlands NAP 1325-IV Signatory Event on 24th of November in The Hague, with a keynote speech of Deputy Director Operations at the Ministry of Defence, CDRE Arnoud Stallmann

During this event we will present the first ever annual public NAP 1325 progress report by the Netherlands. The ministries involved (Defence, Justice and Security, Education, Culture and Science and Foreign Affairs) each reported on the strategic goals and sub-goals of NAP1325-IV within their own field of work.  
During a panel discussion moderated by Willemijn Aerdts, representatives of all ministries - Marijn van Blom (MFA), Chantal Joubert (J&S), Caroline Burger (DEF) and Michael Ninaber van Eijben (ECS) - will reflect on this instructive process with the audience. The aim of this session is to learn from these experiences for future government NAP reporting on progress and challenges and reflect on the role of government (as compared to civil society) in terms of accountability. Download the report here.

In addition, there will be three amazing fringe sessions on highly topical WPS issues: 

  • Gender justice through the International Criminal Court – hosted by Valeria Babără, Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice  
  • Women’s Leadership in Non-Violent Activism – hosted by Ilse Wermink, PAX Netherlands 
  • The Global Pushback on Gender Equality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and the LHBTQI+ community – hosted by Karin Weber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Michael Ninaber van Eijben, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science  

Read more about the sessions here. And get to know our speakers here.

We will close this event on the venue’s rooftop bar with a toast by NAP 1325 Oversight Board Members Mekka Agdelgabar (Platform Vrouwen voor Duurzame Vrede & Stichting VOND) and Suying Lai (Oxfam).

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Fringe sessions

  • Gender Justice through the International Criminal Court
    Hosted by Valeria Babără, Legal and Advocacy Officer at Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice

    In this fringe session Valeria Babără, Legal and Advocacy Officer at Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, will share her insights on working on gender justice through the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC, as a key institution in international criminal justice and the promotion of accountability, is encouraged to set high standards for mainstreaming gender in all areas of its work. Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice has been monitoring institutional developments at the ICC for more than 15 years. They welcome recent developments such as the appointment of a Focal Point for Gender Equality and Workplace Culture and the launch of an ICC Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture. Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice is working with Court representatives to see how these new initiatives can be implemented, including how to make the ICC budget more gender attuned through gender responsive budgeting. 

  • Women’s leadership in non-violent activism: From streets to structures – towards systemic change
    Hosted by Ilse Wermink, PAX Netherlands

    Through critical discussions with women activists Hiba (Sudan), Zainab Suber (Iraqi Women's Program for Peace and Good Governance) and Netherlands NAP 1325 signatories, this fringe session will explore the role women’s leadership plays in non-violent movements and activism and how to sustain this. Particularly in times of renewed repression as in Sudan or violent political instability as in Iraq. The session, hosted by PAX Netherlands, will particularly focus on inclusive movement building and bridging the gaps from (young) women leading protests on the streets to influencing peace and political processes at different levels (community, subnational and national).


  • The Global Pushback on Gender Equality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and the LHBTQI+ community
    Hosted by Karin Weber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Michael Ninaber van Eijben, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

    Globally the pushback on gender equality grows. How does this impact the Women, Peace and Security community, and what steps can the Dutch government (together with civil society) take to pushback on the pushback? 



Entrance with coffee and tea




Welcome - by the moderator Willemijn Aerdts, Lecturer at Leiden University, Institute of Security and Global Affairs




Key note speech - by CDRE Arnoud Stallmann, Deputy Director Operations, Ministry of Defence




Presentation of the 2021 NAP 1325-IV progress report:


An interactive panel debate, incl Q&A’s with the audience - by

Marijn van Blom, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chantal Joubert, Ministry of Justice and Security, Caroline Burger, Ministry of Defence, and Michael Ninaber van Eijben, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science





Coffee break




Fringe sessions:


Gender Justice through the International Criminal Court – by Valeria Babără, Women’s Initaitiatives for Gender Justice

Women’s Leadership in Non-Violent Activism – by Ilse Wermink, Pax Netherlands, Hiba, Sudan, and Zainab Suber, Information Center, Iraq

The Global Pushback on Gender Equality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and the LHBTQI+ community – by Karin Weber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Michael Ninaber van Eijben, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science 




Toast at the roof top bar - by Mekka Abdelgabar, Platform Vrouwen voor Duurzame Vrede & Stiching VOND, and Suying Lai, Oxfam Novib 


Bios speakers


Valeria Babără, Legal and Advocacy Officer with the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice

She completed two Bachelor’s programmes in European Studies, and International and European Law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and a Master’s in Political Science at Leiden University. She also previously interned with the International Institute of Social Studies and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague.


Michael Ninaber van Eijben, Coordinator International - Directorate Emancipation at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Michael has worked at the Emancipation Directorate since 2019, where he is responsible for all international dossiers touching on gender equality and equal rights for LGBTQ+ persons in The Netherlands. Before that he worked at SZW as advisor European affairs successively for Minister Asscher and Minister Koolmees. Michael is engaged to Simone, together they have two daughters and live in Tilburg.


Marijn van Blom, Coordinator NAP 1325 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Since January 2020 Marijn works for the Taskforce Women's Rights and Gender Equality at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is coordinator of the NAP 1325 and since this year also coordinates the Feminist Foreign Policy. Before that, she worked at various directorates, including the Sub Saharan Africa, Security Policy and Consular Affairs directorate. Marijn studied law in Rotterdam and completed the Art Academy at the KABK in The Hague. She lives in The Hague with her husband and three children. 


Willemijn Aerdts, Lecturer at Leiden University, Institute of Security and Global Affairs 

Willemijn Aerdts is lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (Leiden University). She is an expert on intelligence- and security services. Willemijn is a member of the advisory board of WIIS-Netherlands and she found Bureau Aerdts. She used to be a member of the Peace & Security Committee of the Advisory Board on International Relations, was part of the World Economic Forum as Global Shaper and a youth representative to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children.

Drs. Mekka Abdelgabar, Consultant and a freelance interpreter for the IND (Arabic -Darfurian / Dutch)

She is also an entrepreneur owning a self-employed business; Holland Ambassade Services. Mrs. Abdelgabar is an expert in development, peacebuilding and gender issues and has extensive and interwoven experience in both the Sudanese and the Dutch fields. She founded the Women's Organization Netherlands-Darfur (VOND) to empower women leaders and young people. VOND is one of the pioneering signatories of NAP. Mrs. Abdelgabar addresses conflict issues in her belief that women in conflict are the main affected party and therefore have the ability to bring peace. She has been dedicated to establishing women's mediation committees in conflict-stricken Darfur, to bring women to the forefront of decision-making and peacebuilding. She has led women mediators successfully through four reconciliation initiatives concerning tribal conflicts in Darfur and therefore was chosen as one of peace heroes in 2016. She is an active speaker in the biannual international course; A Comprehensive Approach to Gender in Operations organized by the Dutch/Spanish Ministries of defense.


Suying Lai, Manager of the SAFE Unit at Oxfam Novib.

Responsible for humanitarian program development, coordination between country offices and The Hague during disasters, and for fundraising. She is also involved in humanitarian advocacy and campaigns.

She started at Oxfam Novib as policy advisor humanitarian aid, where she now has been working for 14 years in a variety of functions. 


Karin Weber, Senior Policy Advisor Taskforce Women’s Rights and Gender Equality at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Karin Weber is Senior Policy Advisor Gender Equality and Women’s Rights for the NL Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within this role she is responsible for gender diplomacy within the European Union and Council of Europe. She previously worked as Program Manager for a SRHR Alliance aimed at reducing child marriage, teenage pregnancies and female genital mutilation. Prior to that Karin worked for the UNFPA in Rwanda, Uganda and Vietnam and worldwide as an independent consultant for numerous clients including UNICEF, DFID, CARE International and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Karin holds a Master Degree in International Development Studies from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. 


Hiba (Sudan)


Zainab Suber, Coordinator at the Iraqi Women's Program for Peace and Good Governance

She currently coordinates a program in collaboration with UN Women focused on Iraqi women’s leadership and participation in furthering good governance and building peace, in the frame of 1325.


Chantal Joubert, Senior policy advisor - capacity building & rule of law support at Ministry of Justice and Security 

Dr. Chantal Joubert, LL.M. is currently working for the ministry of Justice and Security for issues dealing with capacity building in the justice sector as well as since 2018 coordinating the Ministry’s contribution to the National Action Plan 1325.

Native of Québec (Canada), Chantal left Canada after het law studies to continue her academic career first in Germany, then at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where she obtained a doctorate in comparative criminal law.

She later entered the Netherlands civil service at the public prosecutors department of the district of The Hague  and later as a legal and policy advisor at the Ministry of Justice and Security. During her career within the Ministry of Justice and Security she has been involved in legal and policy issues dealing with the cooperation with international tribunals, the investigation and prosecution of international crimes at the domestic level and in recent years capacity building and rule of law support in the justice and security sector.


Caroline Burger, Subject Matter Expert Gender/NATO, Ministry of Defence

Caroline Burger was born December 12 1966 in Gouda, Netherlands. She joined the Dutch Airforce in 1992. She graduated from the Academy for Physical education and Airforce officers college and became an physical education officer with guided missile group , stationed in Germany.

During the years 1992-2012 she performed several functions in the sports department of the air force, including the function of Deputy Commanding Officer.

In 2012 she became the Gender Advisor for Commander RC north in the NATO mission in Afghanistan (ISAF) an received the NATO Meritorious service medal for integrating Gender perspective in the long term planning of the mission

2015-2021 she worked as a Subject Matter Expert Gender at the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military operations (NCGM), NATO Department Head for gender in military operations. During this period she was the project officer responsible for the integration of Gender Perspective in the NATOs operations planning process and NATO exercises.

She was asked end 2021 to become deputy chair for the NATO Committee for Gender Perspectives (NCGP).

In march 2022 she became gender advisor in the department of operations in the ministry of defence in the Netherlands and now she is the advisor to the Dutch Chief of Defence.

She lives in the Netherlands with her partner and has 2 grown up daughters, one at the university of Rotterdam and the other in the Royal Military Academy in Breda.