WPS Lunch Session on Iraq with Sahar Salam

Date: November 22, 2022
Time: 12:00-14:30
Venue: WO=MEN
Address: Korte Poten 9B, The Hague

WO=MEN and PAX will host a WPS lunch session with Sahar Salam, an Iraqi women's rights activist.

Sahar Salam is a young Iraqi feminist activist and Project Coordinator with the Italian international NGO Un Ponte Per (UPP) in Iraq. Sahar is one of many new generation Iraqi feminists who aim to change the Iraqi gender bias.

UPP is part of the consortium programme Al Thawra Untha (The revolution is female), which builds on the revolution in Iraq, linking women's grassroots' activism with political participation.

Sahar Salam, together with Florence Bateson (PAX Nederland) will talk about the current political context in Iraq, its background, the achievements to date en the challenges they are facing.

Other topics for discussion:

  • How to engage men in feminist programming in Iraq?

  • How is the fragmentation of the Tishreen movement (the October Revolution) and the current political situation, impacting current activist-centered programming?

Deadline for registration: Thursday November 17