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Tamana Bakhshy






Afghan young women in life threatened risk


I'm a young Afghan girl whom I grew up with dreams to educate, work and live in peace and develop, but recently Taliban has taken over Afghanistan and targeting women and girls working for international community, currently I'm working as female guard with a European humanitarian organization in Afghanistan, Taliban have banned me from work and education and travel. The Taliban are intended to apprehend or kill me if they find I work as a female in the organization, my job role is against Taliban ideology hence if they find me then I will be in risk of killing or punishment. Nowadays women are facing gender apartheid through Afghanistan and the Taliban are imposing stricter restrictions and limitations day by day. Indeed one of the Taliban commander who is our neighborhood, he demand me to get me in his marriage, but I and my father denied then they threat me for force marriage, this happened when before Taliban regime, I was going out for university and I was going out for work the neighborhood found me a young and beautiful girl, now that the Taliban are in power they want to take an advantage of their power to find and take me to a force marriage, while I hide myself for several months in a secret location they apprehend my brothers and they tortured my brothers in order to find my location. I was applied for evacuation to Netherlands on August 2021 just after Taliban were taking over the country, in the application i was with my sister and brother finally my sister and brother application was approved and they have been evacuated to Netherlands on October 2021, but there were no approval for me, however I am working in a European humanitarian organization and i was going to university, now that I am a female staff of an organization who is funded by DUTCH MFA , and a university student, i have also recommendation letter from a Dutch female who was working with me in the same organization, I'm sure im well qualified for a safe passage from Afghanistan to Netherlands for above several reasons and I want to leave Afghanistan for my safety and protection I was living with my sister and brother together in the same house and family, and i have sufficient documentation and proves that i was applied on August 2021 right the time everyone was having chance to be evacuated abroad, but no one responded to me so far, i have been in contact with several emails of Netherlands point of contacts but still no news I express my concern about my life in danger because I have left behind in Afghanistan and I'm alone, my two brothers fled the country to Cyprus and Iran and now i have no chance to live with my father because I’m concern of my safety and protection, so the chance of Taliban apprehension is day by day is increasing as the community is aware of my background university student and NGO employee they have twice reported to Taliban and twice they came to my father house and they asked about me and they said we want to get her marry with one of their commanders, i really scared of this situation and my father said that my daughter is left the country but the Taliban still have observation over my father house. This means I have lost the chance to live with my father and now I live in a secret location and I change my location every week but for how long will it continue ? I'm sure the Taliban commander who is my neighbor will find me and get me to force marriage. In Addition the recent order passed by the Taliban's Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue. The Taliban imposed one of the harshest restrictions on Afghanistan's women since seizing power, ordering them to wear the all-covering burqa in public. im very concern of my life being threatened day by day and i can't tolerate this much restrictions against women, we have banned to go school, university, and recently the ban women to work outside of the home, so now we cant even go out of home, wearing the burqa is impossible for me that i haven't experienced so far, as the past 21 years i have lived with democracy the last 21 year of my life now i can't tolerate the Taliban restrictions such as burqa and many more you know that better how Taliban are imposing restriction against women day by day and their main focus is to ban women's freedom, activities, education and their basic rights. They have already imposed some restrictions on women, banning them from working in the government jobs NGOs, secondary education, and from traveling alone outside their cities or Afghanistan. the latest order states "those women who are not too old or young must cover their face, except the eyes, as per sharia directives, in order to avoid provocation when meeting men who are not mahram (adult close male relatives)," I have been in contact with my sister and brother in the Netherlands. They are also very concerned about my safety, they do their best to help me for safe passage from Afghanistan but since they are new in the Netherlands and they don't know how to apply for my protection in the Netherlands government. Through this email I hereby request from your organization to facilitate my safe passage from Afghanistan, I hope this email helps me to consider my application. Upon request I would be glad to provide sufficient documentation of proof.