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Seeking help


My name is Amira I am from Egypt and married to Dutch man since 2012,we have a daughter she is living with me in Egypt since birth,my daughter have Dutch passport and nationality,my husband is refusing to bring us to Netherlands and he don't come to visit us last time he came to Egypt it was in june 2015 he saw our daughter once she was nine months old and since that he never come again or allow us to go visit him too,my daughter get effected very bad from his neglecting and i am facing verbal abuse everytime i am asking him to live together like normal family,i need help now in renewing my daughter dutch passport because he is refusing to renew it because I told him that I can make Chavez visa ,I contacted the dutch embassy and told them the situation they asked a custody paper from me and to make this paper from the court here I must be divorced first it will take long time I need help to renew it and help to get my rights and my daughter rights from him and make sure later that my Chavez visa won't get rejected because he threatened me if I come and get rejected that he will not let go back to Egypt with my daughter he will keep her in Netherlands and send me back alone..I don't know the laws there that's why I need help even legal aid in what should I do..thank you for reading my message,I am looking forward to hear from you soon Regards,, Amira

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