Migration Inc. (formerly known as Cultuur in Harmonie)



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Migration Inc. (formerly known as Cultuur in Harmonie)

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Yordi Lassooy-Tekle

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+31 6 41150856

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Civil Society Organization

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Migration Inc. (formerly known as Cultuur in Harmonie) is an organization involved in matters of migration, integration, community building and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). Our aim is to reduce the gap between different cultures, bring people together and contribute to an inclusive society in which everyone has equal opportunities to develop in their own way and pace. We build bridges between the “I” and “We” cultures, with sensitivity and respect for both sides. What we stand for From our own migration background, we understand the perspectives and needs of minorities and vulnerable groups. As professionals working in various industries, we understand the world of Dutch organizations as well. Experience shows that misunderstandings between newcomers and professionals can arise due to cultural differences. We want to be part of the solution. We do so by implementing a parallel approach. On the one hand we introduce a gender and culturally sensitive approach for professionals who deal with people from different walks of life. And on the other hand, as role models we empower and stimulate other newcomers (with special attention for women) to meaningfully participate in the society where they are living in. Our focus lies in supporting refugees and migrants (women). We advocate for equal opportunities and inclusive policies that include the voice of every citizen in the Netherlands.

Description of your main WPS related activities

As an organization founded and led by women with migration backgrounds, we deeply understand and empathize with the journeys of those we serve, fostering a supportive environment where mutual empowerment thrives. We are dedicated to empowering refugee women by sharing our knowledge and experiences, by raising awareness on taboo topics and harmful cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and by providing psychosocial support. Through a series of individual and group sessions held with asylum seekers in reception centers (AZC) and various refugee communities across municipalities, by providing safe spaces for women and girls to share their experiences, heal from trauma, and find strength in solidarity. In addition to our direct support, we collaborate with professionals closely that are engaged with refugees and asylum seekers to enhance cultural sensitivity regarding these issues and provide assistance to women and girls who have experienced SGBV. Even after resettlement, cultural barriers often hinder women from fully participating in the economic sphere. Therefore, we advocate for meaningful integration into their new communities by encouraging active involvement in socio-economic activities. Furthermore, we champion policy changes through a gender lens, particularly within asylum procedures, shedding light on the reasons women flee their countries and the challenges they face, including exposure to harmful cultural practices and SGBV during their journey.

Strategic outcome

4. Relief, reconstruction and recovery - Meet the needs and contribute to the empowerment of women and girls, 5. WPS Mainstreaming - A gender lens is applied to every reorganisation, improvement, development and evaluation of analysis, policy and policy implementation with regard to peace and security

Sub-outcome 1

1.1 Enhanced enabling conditions for equal and meaningful participation of women and girls, 1.2 Support for meaningful participation women- and diaspora organisations, human rights defenders and peace builders who work on women’s rights and gender equality

Sub-outcome 3

3.4 Gender sensitive, -responsive, -transformative asylum policy

Sub-outcome 4

4.1 Improved physical, mental, psycho-social health of women and girls, 4.2 Improved socio-economic position women and girls

Sub-outcome 5

5.3 Organisations have positive gender norms; specific focus on role men and boys

What type of investments will you make to contribute to the selected outcome(s)?



We are happily coordinating a dialogue group together with Voice of All Woman on a gender - and culture sensitive approach in the asylum procedures. Also we are happy to be a member of the Oversight Board of the NAP 1325.


The Netherlands

What is the time frame for your pledged outcome(s) and investment(s)

5 years - 2025

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