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Marie Karine Vigoureux






Domestic Violence


Good afternoon, my children and i came from Mauritius in 2020 for my ex dutch partner. He broke up with me in august and following the break up and mental stress cause by his family who wanted to return me and my children back to Mauritius i get a breakdown. After that he put false accusations against me and make the ambulance took me from his house. After 1 day he put my children out from his house in august. Veilig thuis and child protection was involved. After i come out from ggz he also put me out from his house. I wanted to give a statement to the police but they say its civil affairs. Can you please tell me which institution may i contact for what my ex partner did to us. The gemeente help us with a temporary house but in some month we will be again without a roof to stay. The children protection and police says he is allowed to put us out from his house cause. I am a foreigner and i didn't know the laws here. Is there any protection for women here? I need help.