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Stichting Joury

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Civil Society Organization

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The Joury Foundation was founded in 2017 by Syrian women. We are committed to women, children and young people with a non-Western background. We believe that with the help of the right guidance and opportunities, this target group can be a valuable addition to society. We have experienced ourselves that you encounter many obstacles during your integration. Because we see that some people do not know how to deal with this, we would like to mean something to them. From our own experiences, expertise and knowledge of the te taking steps in Dutch society, the Joury Foundation was created.

Description of your main WPS related activities

The Joury Foundation wants to create a safe and trusted environment for children, young people and women with an Arab background so that they can develop further in a familiar environment and empower women to become the best version of themselves. This allows them to better integrate and emancipate society. We do that by offering activities, events and online and offline meetings with our target group.

Strategic outcome

1. Participation - More women hold leadership positions, and women participate equally and meaningfully in decision-making processes at every level in the interests of peace and security, including conflict prevention and resolution, peacebuilding, protec, 4. Relief, reconstruction and recovery - Meet the needs and contribute to the empowerment of women and girls, 5. WPS Mainstreaming - A gender lens is applied to every reorganisation, improvement, development and evaluation of analysis, policy and policy implementation with regard to peace and security

Sub-outcome 1

1.1 Enhanced enabling conditions for equal and meaningful participation of women and girls, 1.2 Support for meaningful participation women- and diaspora organisations, human rights defenders and peace builders who work on women’s rights and gender equality

Sub-outcome 3

3.1 Women and girls have access to security and justice systems

Sub-outcome 4

4.1 Improved physical, mental, psycho-social health of women and girls, 4.2 Improved socio-economic position women and girls, 4.3 Humanitarian response is conflict- and gender -networks sensitive and - responsive; main role for local women’s organisations and

What type of investments will you make to contribute to the selected outcome(s)?

Advocacy, Progammitic


The Netherlands, Germany

What is the time frame for your pledged outcome(s) and investment(s)

5 years - 2025