The community

The Dutch National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (NAP 1325) is unique in its kind: it is jointly developed, implemented and monitored by a large number of very diverse Dutch organizations: the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Justice and Security, Education Culture & Science, and over 60 civil society organizations, varying from large (international) development organizations to small scale migrant, women and peace organizations. 

How to become a signatory of the Dutch NAP1325


Contact one of the NAP coordinators of WO=MEN if you are interested in joining the NAP community: Karin de Jonge or Anne-Floor Dekker.


An introductory meeting with WO=MEN for information exchange and explanation of the process. 


The introduction is followed by a joint intake with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a second signatory ministry and WO=MEN in which the new signatory presents the organisation and explains how it will contribute to the NAP 1325's outcomes. Both parties decide to proceed on the basis of the outcome of the intake.


A brief presentation of the organisation to the NAP 1325 community during a next NAP 1325 event, and filling in a pledge, which will be published with the organisation's details on the NAP 1325 website.

Pledge format

Find the pledge format for (new) NAP 1325 Signatories here

Pledge format