In 2023, small and volunteer organisations that participate in NAP 1325 related activities can reclaim part of their costs via the so called KVO-Fund (Kleine Vrijwilligers Organisaties Fund). With a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, WO=MEN and the Platform Women & Sustainable Peace (PV&DV) made continuation of the KVO-Fund possible. The work of the Fund will be undertaken by a commission of PV&DV.

Eligible organisations and staff

  • Only NAP 1325 IV signatories, see also: Partners (nap1325.nl)
  • For unpaid staff/ volunteers
  • Organisations with an annual budget of < € 150,000

Eligible activities and standard rates

Only activities contributing to NAP 1325-IV (sub-)outcomes are eligible:

  • A lumpsum contribution to organisations’ general admin costs: €300/ year
  • (Co)-chairing a country/ regional or thematic group under NAP 1325 IV: preparation, meeting, follow up: € 150/ meeting + travel costs[1]
  • Participating in a country/ regional or thematic group under NAP IV: € 40/ meeting + travel costs
  • Participating in NAP 1325 Oversight Board meetings: preparation, meeting, follow up: €60/ meeting + travel costs
  • Participating in Signatory Events: €40/ event + travel costs
  • Other presentations or meetings relevant for 1325, as long as they are announced in advance to PV&DV: travel costs

The allocation is maximum €1000/ year per organisation[2]

NGO’s that aim to apply for KVO Fund support are kindly requested to register at KVO.fund@gmail.com. After registration they will receive an application form. Questions and queries can also be submitted to this mail address.

[1] transport costs will be covered only on the basis of second class train tickets or max Euro 0,19/km for car use.

[2] This ceiling is reviewed annually and depends on the volume of funds available.