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Penal Reform International (PRI) is an independent international non-governmental organisation whose mission is to create safe societies based on fair and effective criminal justice systems that protect human rights and are non-discriminatory. Our three Objectives are • People in conflict with the law are rehabilitated and empowered • Criminal justice practitioners apply human rights in their daily work • Fewer people are criminalised, sanctioned and imprisoned Connected to the three objectives we work for and with • People in contact with the law. We work with and for people in criminal justice proceedings, pre-trial detention, prison, and under probation and parole. • Criminal justice practitioners as duty bearers. Practitioners includes both high level management and frontline staff, that are in day-to-day contact with people coming to a police station or those in prison, for example. • Criminal justice influencers, which includes a wide mix of institutions (government and non-government) and people who influence the criminal justice system. We structure our work through a policy programme, regional programmes, and a governance and strategy programme that ensures learning and impact. We have projects managed by regional offices) in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa and, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia. Work in other regions and work with a global scope are managed from our head quarters from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Description of your main WPS related activities

The relationship between the criminal justice reform efforts of PRI and the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) global agenda is multifaceted, reflecting an intersection of goals aimed at enhancing justice, security, and equality, particularly for women. PRI's work intersects with the WPS agenda through several key areas Advocacy for Gender-Sensitive Criminal Justice Reform PRI advocates for reforms that take into account the specific needs and circumstances of women in the criminal justice system. This includes promoting alternatives to detention, especially for non-violent offenses, and ensuring that when women are detained, their human rights are respected, and their specific needs are met. Such reforms are essential to the WPS agenda's emphasis on protection and prevention of violence against women. Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence PRI works to combat sexual and gender-based violence within the criminal justice system, including advocating for measures that prevent violence against women in detention and supporting survivors. This directly contributes to the WPS agenda's goals of prevention and protection. Empowering Women in the Criminal Justice Sector Encouraging the participation of women in the criminal justice sector as professionals and decision-makers, with one area of focus being fragile and conflict settings, is another aspect of PRI's work that aligns with the WPS agenda. By promoting gender diversity and the inclusion of women's perspectives in justice sector reforms, both PRI and the WPS agenda aim to create more equitable and effective systems. Research and Evidence-Based Advocacy PRI conducts research and uses evidence-based advocacy to highlight issues affecting women in the criminal justice system or female representatives of its institutions and to push for reforms. This research contributes to a better understanding of the challenges women face and supports the WPS agenda's call for informed action based on the needs of women and girls. International Cooperation and Capacity Building Through its international presence and cooperation with various stakeholders, including governments, civil society, and international organizations, PRI fosters the exchange of best practices and supports capacity building for gender-sensitive criminal justice reform. This collaborative approach is crucial for advancing the global WPS agenda.

Strategic outcome

1. Participation - More women hold leadership positions, and women participate equally and meaningfully in decision-making processes at every level in the interests of peace and security, including conflict prevention and resolution, peacebuilding, protec, 2. Prevention - Conflict prevention and the prevention of violent extremism, including of related violence against women and girls, is based on the human rights approach and starts from the principle of human security. Prevention policy and its implementa, 3. Protection - Women and girls, as well as men and boys, in and from conflict situations, are protected against all forms of conflict-related violence, including sexual and gender-based violence. Their rights are safeguarded and enforceable, 5. WPS Mainstreaming - A gender lens is applied to every reorganisation, improvement, development and evaluation of analysis, policy and policy implementation with regard to peace and security

Sub-outcome 1

1.1 Enhanced enabling conditions for equal and meaningful participation of women and girls, 1.2 Support for meaningful participation women- and diaspora organisations, human rights defenders and peace builders who work on women’s rights and gender equality

Sub-outcome 2

2.2 Countering radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism policies respect operational space of women’s organisations, human rights defenders and peace builders

Sub-outcome 3

3.1 Women and girls have access to security and justice systems, 3.2 Impunity for violent offences against women and girls combatted

Sub-outcome 4

4.1 Improved physical, mental, psycho-social health of women and girls, 4.2 Improved socio-economic position women and girls

Sub-outcome 5

5.1 Peace and security personnel gender aware; applies gender lens, 5.4 Improved coordination of actors in peace and security

What type of investments will you make to contribute to the selected outcome(s)?

Financial, Policy, Advocacy, Progammitic


Yemen, Sudan, Armenia, Jordan, Turkey, Georgia, Uganda, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,

What is the time frame for your pledged outcome(s) and investment(s)

5 years - 2025

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