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Syrische Vrouwengroep Emmen

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Civil Society Organization

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We are group of women who are newcomer, refugees background, we're working together in the field of empowering women and helping them integrate in the new society through nice projects to go out from the victim phase to an active phase and get an effective role for the benefit of coexistence in the community.

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the group share every year with the campaign of Orange the Emmen (stop geweld tegen vrouwen)(stop violence against women).
the group share every year with the campaign of Peace. and gives presentation on the ugliness of war ( as we come from war land and the need to stop it and work to achieve peace
the group shares the workshops of 1325
we make different activities which empower women and let her more independent.

Strategic outcome

2. Prevention - Conflict prevention and the prevention of violent extremism, including of related violence against women and girls, is based on the human rights approach and starts from the principle of human security. Prevention policy and its implementa, 3. Protection - Women and girls, as well as men and boys, in and from conflict situations, are protected against all forms of conflict-related violence, including sexual and gender-based violenc



Syria and all the places where are in need.

5 years - 2025

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