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Cordaid is an internationally operating value-based emergency relief and development organisation, working in and on fragility. We stand with those who are hit hardest by poverty and conflict. We support them in their struggle to move beyond survival and to fully participate in equitable and resilient societies.

Description of your main WPS related activities

Through the Just Future Alliance, we prioritize advocacy for frameworks to enable people to participate in political decision-making and peace processes, in particular women and youth. For Just Future, the main priority is to create access, to facilitate meaningful participation and to ensure women and youth can actually influence and shape political decision-making and peace processes to make them responsive to their needs, concerns and priorities. It is vital to work with power-holders to help them understand the value of collaborating with those most excluded constituencies most often women, young people and those who have been displaced from their communities. Next to a focus on inclusive political decision-making and peace processes, we also prioritize inclusive security governance and people-centered justice, including addressing SGBV and CRSV. Our priority countries are Afghanistan, Burundi, DR Congo, Niger, Mali and South Sudan- as well as influencing global and regional level policy making. The Women Advocate for Peace Programme is a partnership of three Colombian partners, HealthNet TPO and Cordaid financed under the Dutch NAP. With this program, we aim to contribute to a sustainable peace process with gender justice in Colombia in which women and girls have the same opportunities as men and boys. The program provides enabling conditions to strengthen the participation, influence and leadership of women and their organizations in peacebuilding spaces at the local, territorial and national levels. In Iraq Cordaid is implementing the “Women’s Voices First” program. As part of the British NAP 1325 and supported by the he Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO). This 2,5- year program establishes an effective partnership between approximately 36 Iraqi civil society organizations (CSOs) and women’s rights organizations (WROs) to promote women, peace, and security (WPS). The program partners together with 36 CSOs, particularly grassroots women-led, feminist, and women’s rights organisations, to implement WPS programs addressing the needs of women and girls in their communities advancing a localised WPS agenda contributing to inclusive peace and security in Iraqi communities. Cordaid is one of the founding organizations and currently a very proud implementing partner of the Women, Peace Humanitarian Fund. Through the Rapid Response Window Cordaid supports women’s rights organisations in track I and track II peace processes both with grants and technical assistance in several countries around the world.

Strategic outcome

1. Participation - More women hold leadership positions, and women participate equally and meaningfully in decision-making processes at every level in the interests of peace and security, including conflict prevention and resolution, peacebuilding, protec.

2. Prevention - Conflict prevention and the prevention of violent extremism, including of related violence against women and girls, is based on the human rights approach and starts from the principle of human security. Prevention policy and its implementa.

3. Protection - Women and girls, as well as men and boys, in and from conflict situations, are protected against all forms of conflict-related violence, including sexual and gender-based violence. Their rights are safeguarded and enforceable.

4. Relief, reconstruction and recovery - Meet the needs and contribute to the empowerment of women and girls.

5. WPS Mainstreaming - A gender lens is applied to every reorganisation, improvement, development and evaluation of analysis, policy and policy implementation with regard to peace and security.

Sub-outcome 1

1.1 Enhanced enabling conditions for equal and meaningful participation of women and girls.

1.2 Support for meaningful participation women- and diaspora organisations, human rights defenders and peace builders who work on women’s rights and gender equality.

1.3 Peace processes and peace declarations are inclusive and bottom up.

Sub-outcome 2

2.1 Local, multi-dimensional peaceful conflict prevention is given priority

Sub-outcome 3

3.1 Women and girls have access to security and justice systems, 3.2 Impunity for violent offences against women and girls combatted

Sub-outcome 4

4.1 Improved physical, mental, psycho-social health of women and girls, 4.2 Improved socio-economic position women and girls, 4.3 Humanitarian response is conflict- and gender -networks sensitive and - responsive; main role for local women’s organisations and

Sub-outcome 5

5.1 Peace and security personnel gender aware; applies gender lens, 5.3 Organisations have positive gender norms; specific focus on role men and boys, 5.4 Improved coordination of actors in peace and security

What type of investments will you make to contribute to the selected outcome(s)?

Financial, Policy, Advocacy, Progammitic


Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, DR Congo, Iraq, Niger, Mali, South Sudan, globally

3 years - 2023, 4 years - 2024, 5 years - 2025