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Dutch Department of Defense (DoD) / Gender Advisor to Commander of the Armed Forces - GENAD CHOD

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Dutch Department of Defense (DoD)

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Dutch DoD was one of the first to embrace UNSCR 1325 and became a cosignatory to the Dutch National Action Plan. In order to improve implementation of UN Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security Dutch DoD wrote a Defense Action Plan and evaluated its outcomes in 2020. Most recently DAP 1325 was drawn up for the period 2021-2025 and describes the way in which the Netherlands Defense organization is continuing implementation. The overarching goal of the Defence Action Plan is the integration of gender into all layers and activities of the defence organisation in order to increase the effectiveness of operations, in the context of which targeted attention is paid to the position of local women and girls in crisis, conflict and post-conflict areas, with a focus on better protecting women and girls and increasing their participation. To achieve this goal, every member of the military must be aware of gender and know how to integrate the gender perspective into operational activities. A table provides an overview of evaluated shortcomings and goals to remedy them, results to be achieved, actions, actors and the periods of time within which actions are to be implemented. The table also indicates the actions that are related to one or more strategic objectives of National Action Plan 1325 (2021-2025), in which case the action concerned is intended to directly or indirectly contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives and outcomes.

Strategic outcome

1. Participation - More women hold leadership positions, and women participate equally and meaningfully in decision-making processes at every level in the interests of peace and security, including conflict prevention and resolution, peacebuilding, protection, relief, reconstruction and recovery.

2. Prevention - Conflict prevention and the prevention of violent extremism, including of related violence against women and girls, is based on the human rights approach and starts from the principle of human security. Prevention policy and its implementa.

3. Protection - Women and girls, as well as men and boys, in and from conflict situations, are protected against all forms of conflict-related violence, including sexual and gender-based violence. Their rights are safeguarded and enforceable.

4. Relief, reconstruction and recovery - Meet the needs and contribute to the empowerment of women and girls.

5. WPS Mainstreaming - A gender lens is applied to every reorganisation, improvement, development and evaluation of analysis, policy and policy implementation with regard to peace and security.

Time Frame

5 years - 2025