Call for CSO Nominations: Two New Civil Society Oversight Board Members

Nomination Two New Civil Society Oversight Board Members  

For the period: May 2023- April 2025  
The governance of NAP 1325-IV is in the hands of the Oversight Board (OB). The OB mirrors the broad support that NAP 1325-IV enjoys. It includes representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and WO=MEN (the NAP 1325-IV coordinators), the Ministries of Defence, Justice & Security, and Education, Culture & Science, and two civil society organisations (CSOs) that rotate every two years.  

The OB has three functions with respect to NAP 1325-IV:  

(1) Improve NAP 1325-IV’s governance, annual reporting and learning agenda,  

(2) Ensure governmental support and timely political involvement, and  

(3) Strive for greater public support for the WPS agenda and for knowledge-sharing.  

Until May 2023 Suying Lai from Oxfam Novib and Mekka Abdeljabar from PV&DV/VOND act as the elected CSO OB members. For the period May 2023 till April 2025 we would like to invite new civil society signatories of the Dutch NAP 1325 to nominate themselves or a colleague to join the Oversight Board. Nominees should fit the following criteria:   

  1. Being a signatory of the NAP 1325-IV 
  2. One ‘smaller’ CSO (annual income max. €250.000) and one ‘bigger’ CSO (annual income over €250.000) 
  3. At least one migrant/refugee-led organization, to contribute to the oversight of the implementation of the domestic pillar of the NAP 1325-IV.  
  4. Track record on one or more of the WPS ‘pillars’ for at least 3 years:  
    • At least one CSO with proven international experience/ expertise (in conflict affected countries, or at the level of international organizations/ fora)  
    • At least one CSO with proven experience/ expertise and/or willingness to strengthen the WPS agenda in the Netherlands (the NAP 1325-IV’s ‘domestic pillar’)

     5. CSO’s should preferably have expertise in 1) policy development and/or influencing, and 2) gender and monitoring, evaluation           and learning (including in methodologies such as storytelling and outcome harvesting)

     6. A commitment to participate in all formal meetings (at least at program management level, with delegated decision-making             power) till April 2025, and a commitment to consult with the wider CSO community to gather input before meetings, when               needed  

     7. Preferably good command of both English and Dutch 

We especially encourage people and organisations who have not yet served on the OB to be nominated!  

Please send your nomination accompanied with a short motivation letter to Anne-Floor Dekker or Karin de Jonge before the 1st of March 2023.  A list of nominees will be published and an e-voting procedure will follow.