Civic Space Fund and Civic Space Fund Flex Option

The Dutch Civic Space Fund (CSF)  and the Civic Space Fund Flex Option (CSF-Flex) are instruments under the Dutch policy framework ‘Strengthening Civil Society - Power of Voices’. Alongside the development of the Strategic Partnerships, it was a deliberate choice to create for Embassies the opportunity to offer direct support to local CSOs. This direct support strengthens local ownership and leadership and strengthens mutual learning and it facilitates the network of Embassies.

The CSF is open to countries mentioned in the BHOS policy note. These are Afghanistan; Algeria; Bangladesh; Benin; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Egypt; Ethiopia; Ghana; Iraq; Indonesia; Yemen; Jordan; Kenya; Lebanon; Libya; Mali; Morocco; Mauretania; Mozambique; Niger; Nigeria; Uganda; Palestinian Territories; Rwanda; Senegal; Sudan; Somalia; Tunisia; Chad; South Sudan.

The CSF-Flex will be open for applications by Embassies in all OECD-DAC countries ( except the Upper Middle Income Countries).

The thematic areas mentioned in the policy framework ‘ Strengthening Civil Society’ and relevant for the CSF are, Climate mitigation and adaptation, Trade and/or sustainable value chains, Food security, Sustainable water management and/or WASH ( water sanitation and Hygiene), Women rights and gender equality, Freedom of speech or religion and belief, Equal rights LGBTQI+, Peace, law and order.

The annual total CSF budget (2021-2025) is EUR 10 million, including EUR 1 million for the Flex option. As of January 2022, due to an amendment of Parliament revising the BHOS 2022 budget, an extra budget of EUR 7.5 million is available for the Flex Option of the CSF during 2022. For this reason, Embassies are invited to make use of this unique opportunity and to submit proposals for the CSF-Flex throughout the year 2022 (as long as enough budget is available).

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