Preventing Human Trafficking Of Refugees From Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to the largest movement of people in Europe since the Second World War. Organised criminal groups and individual profiteers are taking advantage of the turmoil to target vulnerable Ukrainians for sexual and labour exploitation.

To better understand which groups of people are particularly at risk and why, Freedom Fund partnered with La Strada International, a European anti-trafficking NGO platform, to undertake a rapid assessment of the current gaps in the counter-trafficking response.

La Strada’s research, conducted over the past two months, found that unaccompanied children, undocumented people and those who might not have access to the temporary protection offered in EU countries face the greatest danger. And the dangers will grow as the war continues, with more people becoming displaced within Ukraine, making access to services and livelihoods increasingly precarious, while millions of refugees will need to settle for longer periods in other European countries and start accessing the labour market.

While governments, international organisations, civil society, and community leaders have taken steps to protect people from trafficking, the report says gaps remain, due to limited capacity to deliver.