WPS Strategic Partnerships 2021-2025

Main objective


CARE Nederland,
Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (RNW) Media, SOS Center for Youth Capabilities Development

To improve women’s meaningful influence in relief, recovery and peace processes in Yemen.

S1: More equitable social norms and related practices
S2: Enhanced protection for women
S3: More inclusive relief, recovery and peace processes

Burundi, DRCongo 

CMC - Mensen met een Missie,
Synergie des Femmes pour la Paix et la Reconciliation de Peuples des Grands Lacs d'Afrique (SPR), CARE Nederland

Women and Girls in DRC and Burundi participate meaningfully in conflict prevention, resolution, mediation, peacebuilding and protection.

S1: Equal leverage: Women and girls actively contribute to decision-making on peacebuilding at all levels
S2: Tranformation of harmful norms: Inclusive norms and practices that support gender equality and prevent (S)GBV
S3: Enhanced protection: Women and girls are protected through effective application of laws and policies that contribute to gender equality


HealthNet Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (HealthNet TPO), Asociacion Movimiento Feminista por la Paz Ruta Pacífica de las Mujeres, Liga Internacional de Mujeres por la Paz y la Libertad – Limpal-Colombia, Corporación de Apoyo a Counidades Populares (CODACOP)

A peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable Colombia. A lasting peace process in Colombia based on gender justice in which women and girls have equal rights and opportunities as men and boys.

S1: Local and departmental governments implement the gender measures established in the Peace Agreement.
S2: Women and their organizations actively participate and influence decision-makers to apply existing policies and mechanisms for the prevention, protection, and punishment of GBV in the territories.
S3: Women are recognized in their communities and departments as key political actors for the sustainable and equitable development of their territories.

Burundi, Colombia & Myanmar

Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD),
Burundi Leadership Training Programme (BLTP), Gender Equality Network Myanmar (GEN), Women for Women International (GAPS)

A conducive environment for women’s full and meaningful inclusion in political and decision-making processes to sustain peace in Burundi, Colombia and Myanmar.

LTO1: Women are represented in decision-making roles for peacebuilding
- Pathway 1: Women’s empowerment for political leadership.
- Pathway 2: Creating space for women’s participation.
LTO2: Supportive policy environment for women’s rights and political participation in peacebuilding
- Pathway 3: Collaboration for better policies.
- Pathway 4: Lobbying & Advocacy for implementation of UNSCR 1325.

South Sudan

Plan International Nederland,
HealthNet Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (HealthNet TPO), Vredesbeweging PAX Nederland (PAX), Assistance Mission For Africa (AMA), EVE Organisation

A more empowering and inclusive environment in South-Sudan, where women and girls feel safer, better enabled to realise their rights, to play an influential role towards conflict prevention and sustainable peace.

S1: Improved implementation of policies and regulations on GBV and protection of women and girls incl. access to PSS & self-care
S2: Changed attitudes and beliefs of civil society to facilitate inclusion of women and girls and promote gender equality
S3: Increased, effective participation of women and youth in leadership and peacebuilding

Iraq, Sudan, NL/Global

Vredesbeweging PAX Nederland (PAX),
Un Ponte Per (UPP), Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA)

Women change agents from all ages and backgrounds lead the work towards a more just, peaceful, and inclusive society.

S1: The women’s movement is more inclusive for creating social and political change
S2: Traditional gender norms challenged by new gender values, behaviors, and practices
S3: Women’s participation is more diverse and legitimate in all stages of state and peacebuilding

The Palestinian Territories

War Child Nederland,
Oxfam Novib, The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH), The Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC)

By 2025, civil society contributes to an enabling environment that empowers Palestinian women and girls to combat violence and uphold their agency in state, security and peacebuilding processes.

S1: Achieve enhanced prevention and protection for women and girls from violence and human rights violations
S2: Increased meaningful participation of women and girls and women’s rights organisations in decision-making processes at local, national and international levels
S3: Strengthen accountability for the rights of women and girls at national and international levels